Towny Central

Experiance Minecraft In A New Way

Come join us today using our IP,  play.townycentral.net 

We are one of the largest Towny Servers there is! Join our awesome community, And experiance one of the greatest minecraft adventures you will ever have! This is a place where memories are made. Start your journey today!


Who We Are

Towny Since The Beginning


Originally starting as a towny earth in November 2018, Towny Central is one of the largest Towny servers to exist in Minecraft Community. Offering players all over the world an amazing Minecraft Experience for everyone! 

With over hundreds of plugins, suggestions, and future plans we strive to keep our server active and growing. We make sure our players are happy.


Why Towny Central?

What makes us the server to join?

Towny Central strives to make sure it's players are getting a great Minecraft experience. We work hard to bring content that players will enjoy. We often host events, competitions, and games that anyone can participate in. We even give prizes out to winners! We have an active discord server with hundreds of players as well as a suggestions form hand read by the owner. Anyone is welcome to make a suggestion. We work hard to be a great server, but we make it out priority to keep out community striving.