We take rules to a very important level on Towny Central. Our goal is to provide players with a fair, non-toxic experience. I have made several rules all players have to follow to make the server better for everyone! Please take time to read them over and if you have any questions, Feel free to ask a server moderator.

#1 Cheating- There would be no cheating on the server. This includes but is not limited too, use of modifications that will give you advantages other players don't have, use of auto-clickers, Taking advantage of server bugs, and hacking.

#2 Alt Accounts- Alts Account (which is 2 accounts being controlled by the same person) are not allowed on this server. Everyone must stick to only 1 account to use. If you have a sibling, please confirm with the staff team that your sibling/ or someone else in your household is going to be using their account under the same IP address you're using. If it turns out your lying, and that you have an alt, you will be banned from the server.

#3 Spamming- Spamming sends a bunch of random messages very quickly. Players found spamming will be temp-muted, if it continues from the player, they could be temp-banned

#4 Toxicity- Which is being very inappropriate in the chat driving players away from the server. It could be sexual talk, saying racial slurs, or constant use of bad words. This rule also applies to discord users. If a player is found breaking these rules, they could get banned.

#5 Doxxing Other Users- Doxxing other users is giving away personal info about them without their permission. This includes but is not limited to, IP address, Names, Locations, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Passwords, Banking Info, Schools, Family Relations, and Photos of that player. If a player breaks this rule on the server or discord, they can be banned.

#6 Advertising- If it's not related to the server or minecraft, it is not allowed. Advertising can get you muted by staff. If it is serious enough, you could be temp-banned.

#7 Selling for real money- You are not allowed to sell unrelated minecraft content or services for real money on our server.

#8 Griefing- Griefing is destroying others lands near their claims. This is not allowed and could get you warned or banned. Same goes to town members that grief their own towns.

#9 Claim Blocking- Claim Blocking is a player created in their town near others to stop that town's expansion. Players who do this town will be removed. You will not be re-funded your money that you used to make that town. That map is very big so this rule should not be a problem.

#10 Terraforming- Terraforming is adding, removing, or changing major landmarks on the map. No making fake islands out at sea, and no destroying and real islands, etc.

#11 Town/Nation names- Towns can be named anything the mayor chooses that's appropriate. Nation's must be accurate to what's there in real life. You can not name your nation the same as a current nation, and you can't make a nation that another nation already has. For example, if someone made France, You can not make a nation in France and must move somewhere else to make a nation.

#12 Harassment/ Bullying- will not be allowed on this server. If this becomes serious that player doing it could be perm-banned.

#13 Blocking Death Chest- Players are not allowed to place blocks or any kind of obstacle for a player to receive their death chest (Chest that spawned after a player has died) Any player to do so could be punished in any way depending on the situation.